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Sabina Glaser

Certified Clinical Psychologist

Registered Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Frankfurt am Main


 Do what you can, 

 with what you have,

 where you are

 Theodore Roosevelt 

What is the difference between a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist?
  • A psychologist holds a University Masters-degree. Psychologists deal with the way the mind works and can specialise in a number of areas, such as mental health, educational and occupational psychology. They are usually not medically qualified and not every psychologist will go on to work with patients. 

  • A psychotherapist is a psychologist or a psychiatrist who has an extensive training in a therapeutical field (such as cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, psychodynamic therapy or psychoanalytic therapy). In Germany, a psychotherapist has to complete 1800 hours of supervised clinical residency in an hospital and another 600 hours of residency in a private practice. After graduating, he obtains the Medical State License and is registered.

  • A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specialises in preventing, diagnosing, and treating mental illness. He has completed a training as a psychiatric resident. A psychiatrist monitors the effects of mental illness on other physical conditions, such as problems with the heart or high blood pressure. If you are working with a psychiatrist, a lot of the treatment may be focused on medication management. Sometimes medication alone is not enough to treat the mental illness, so that a combination of medication and psychotherapy is needed. 



Trust is the foundation of any successful psychotherapy. As a professional psychologist and psychotherapist, I am bound to my professional ethical standards. This means that everything you share with me during our sessions will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. These confidentiality standards will also aply to personal details as well as records of our sessions. 

Services and fees

Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes and will be billed according to the GOP (Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeuten). You can usually claim back the costs from your private medical insurance company. The sessions are generally held on a weekly basis. Extended sessions will be pro-rated.

The fees for emergency sessions, for home visits, for couples therapy, for group therapy, for phone calls and for report writing are available on request. 

The fees are payable monthly according to the issued invoice. Please provide a 24-hours´ notice, if you would like to postpone or cancel a therapy session. Otherwise you will be charged for the missed or cancelled session.

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