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Sabina Glaser

Certified Clinical Psychologist

Registered Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Frankfurt am Main

Psychological Counselling_ 

 At the crossroads of life 

 there are no signposts. 

 Charlie Chaplin 

Psychological counselling helps people to improve their well-being, alleviate distress, resolve crises and increase the ability to function better in their lives.
In psychological sessions we focus on your personal situation, possible conflicts, problems or questions regarding a sense of purpose in life. During this process, I will not provide ready-made solutions but will help you find strategies to deal with immediate problems. Subsequently, we will focus on developing ways in which you can change things for the better. 
Psychological counselling is able to help with a variety of individual and social issues: 
  • Life changes (career or family)  
  • Stress and stress management
  • Career confusion/ dissatisfaction
  • Crises/ problems in relationships
  • Parenting issues
  • Difficult decisions
  • Self-discovery (strengths and weaknesses, needs, goals in life)
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