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Sabina Glaser

Certified Clinical Psychologist

Registered Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Frankfurt am Main

Group Therapy_ 

 Safety is not the absence of threat. 

 It is the presence of connection

 Gabor Maté 

Group therapy offers an opportunity to gain new skills and process challenges in a therapeutic setting, while also connecting with others who are facing similiar or different challenges. In each session, you´ll learn specific skills to help yourself feel better, cope with and manage your difficulties.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most common types of therapy. In group CBT, the therapist helps you within a group system to alleviate the pressures of identifying negative thought patterns that impact your behaviours and emotions. The group will empower you to reshape your experience by getting to the root of the thought. This can help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety related to underlying negative emotions.

In addition to group CBT, I also incorporate Group Schema Therapy (GST) into the group sessions. Schema Therapy helps to understand your core emotional needs, gives you the oppotunity to learn ways of meeting your needs and is part of the corrective emotional process. A healing, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere can be created in the group that (similar to a good family or to another positive group experience) fulfills the need for secure attachment.

The basic structure of group therapy includes having a set of ground rules that ask everyone to treat others with respect and maintain the confidentiality of its members. The group is usually composed of 5-6 individuals per session, it runs in English and sessions usually take place weekly for 90 mins.
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